Meet Carmen Homemaker

My husband, Stephen and I have been married since 12/12/10.

I am a mother to Kameron, born 12/23/07, Kaleb, born 02/26/12, Jude, born 01/17/16 and Hadassah, born 09/22/18.

We have two babies in heaven, I miscarried Jordan on 01/28/14 and Peyton 09/17/17.

I live my life to serve the Lord everyday. I am so thankful for His grace because I fail daily.

The purpose of my blog is to be able to help others with what I have found to add value in my life, from starting my mornings before my family to eating whole to be my best from the inside out.

I would love to get to know you more.  Feel free to shoot me a message or comment on any posts you find to be helpful!  Please subscribe and share with family and friends!




Why Coaching with Carmen Homemaker?


Filled with desire and ambition to reach your goals? This will cultivate long term success and when you lose steam, I’m here to remind you of your “why”.


With me as your partner, you will proceed in confidence knowing I am available at any time you need me and are being challenged along the way.


With my all access support groups, you’ll find shared ownership of your health and common goals. You’ll grow relationships with your biggest cheerleaders while being the voice of encouragement to someone else. Linking arms, support is endless.

Unique To You

Hate the guessing game? Stop the confusion now with a personalized plan you get to create and make work for you.


We are here to help guide you as often as daily through our user friendly app.



Carmen is such an amazing coach and all-around human being. I have scarcely met anyone more dedicated to making right choices in her marriage, in raising her kids, and especially in health and fitness. She is a shining light for Christ. When I was going through a devastating period of my life, I bumped into Carmen at a restaurant. I told her what was going on and she invited me to her table to talk. She cried with me and then lifted me up in prayer. She is such a genuine person and the love she showed me in that moment left a giant impression. We have been friends ever since. I joined her accountability over two years ago and I have never been in better shape than I am now. Carmen has heightened my awareness of all the health choices I make. She and the wonderful women in the group are hugely supportive and encouraging. They inspire me every day. My overall motivation to live my best life has increased since I joined the group and Carmen has so much to do with that.

-Moriah Hilley