Healthy, kid-friendly food recipes

Spaghetti, Meatballs and Veggies

Spaghetti, Meatballs and Veggies– Spaghetti sauce, organic whole wheat pasta or alternative noodles of your choice, veggies of choice.

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce:

10 tomatoes, ½ red bell pepper, ½ yellow or orange bell, basil and/or parsley, 1 onion and 2 minced garlic cloves.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Cut all ingredients in fourths and place into crock pot.  Cook on low for 4 hours, high for 2 hours or until all ingredients are soft.  Blend until desired consistency.  Use, refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.  


1 LB Grass fed beef, ground turkey or chicken, 1-2 minced garlic cloves, ¼ finely diced onions, 3 TB parsley, 1 egg and homemade breadcrumbs(optional). Salt and pepper to taste.  

Mix all ingredients together until well blended together.  Make 1” rounded meatballs.  Cook with spaghetti sauce in crockpot on high for 2 hours, low for 3 hours or on medium on stovetop for 1 ½ hour.


I briefly saute my veggies just enough to heat, but keep them pretty raw.  I chose zucchini and sliced it lengthwise.  Once cooked, I cut it into pieces to serve.

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