Hi, I’m Carmen

I am joyfully married to Stephen Gonzalez since 12/12/10. I am a mother to Kameron, born 12/23/07,  Kaleb, born 02/26/12 and Jude, born 01/17/16.

I live my life to serve the Lord everyday.  I am so thankful for His grace because I fail daily.

The purpose of my blog is to be able to help others with what I have found to be useful.  I did not create most things on my own, I simply researched and found lots of recipes my family has tried and LIKED.  I have made changes where needed to work for my family.

As as health and fitness coach, I make a weekly meal plan, create a shopping list that includes the recipe items (so I do not spend outside of necessity), like plant-based, have little or no meat included.

I would love to get to know you more, as well.  Please shoot me a message or comment on any posts you find to be helpful!  Please feel free to reach out, if I can be of any assistance.  Thanks for visiting my page.


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